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The Imperial Superior Court eDelivery project allows for the electronic submission of documents for...

  • Submissions for most Civil, Family Law and Probate documents will be accepted
  • Accommodates both initial and subsequent filing
  • Government filers are exempt from court filing fees
  • more...

How to Participate:

Law Firms and Self-Represented parties

Law firms and self-represented parties wishing to participate in the project can register online by creating an account without contacting Journal Technologies.

Attorney Service Companies

Attorney service companies wishing to take part in the project can contact or call (877) 364-0123

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If any issues arise when trying to create an online account, please select the Contact Us link under Additional Information for assistance.

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Sensitive Information

Sensitive personal information must be removed or redacted. Sanctions can be imposed for
including Social Security and Financial Information in filed documents... (read more)
Per-use Fees

A $4.95 eFiling Service Provider fee plus 2.75% of any Court filing fee will be collected for each electronic submission through this website. This is in addition to any regular Court filing fees.

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